My college life in America helped build a strong foundation of trust with the Gulf countries, which has become the cornerstone of our business development. The connections with the Middle East date back to my student days in the U.S., where I developed a strong personal network in Abu Dhabi, leading to our business expansion in the Gulf countries.

Japanese products and technology are highly regarded in the Middle East, but not everyone is willing to pay a high price for them. This is because they have access to high-quality, value-added products from around the world. Although Japanese products are well-rated in Asia, the competition becomes global in the Middle East.

For example, Japanese cosmetics are highly valued abroad, but preferences in the Middle East can be quite different. However, understanding the market and building trust with local partners is crucial. We have prioritized our relationship with the Middle East, focusing on local partner strategies in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, among others. Over the past 10 years, we've valued the bonds formed through our business challenges, and our expanded partnerships and expertise are unique strengths of our company.

We are expanding our Japanese beauty, supplements, and medical offerings to Gulf countries including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and introducing UAE's beauty, supplements, and medical services to Japan.



Company Name: AI Creation Co., Ltd.
CEO:Ai Taniguchi
Established:October 2009
Location:6-19 Funado-cho, Ashiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 659-0093
Director:Kanji Fujiki, former Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates
Advisor:Abud Rahman Al Jahoushi 
Employabiltiy and Industry Engagement Director - Higher colleges of Technology at Higher Colleges of Technology
Medical Advisor Director:Mitsuru Honda, Professor of General Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Toho University Hospital
Bank:Tajima Bank, Ashiya Kita Branch
Capital:48.9 million yen