The Middle East Consulting Business


We coordinate projects pushing into the MENA region, the Middle East and North Africa, and help to exchange promising internships between the area, especially from U.A.E and Japan.

現地法人設立代行 Local subsidiary establishment agency

MENA Regionでの現地法人設立や、合弁会社、支店、支社など事務所開設や、トレードライセンスの取得のサポートをします。

We will support the setting up of local subsidiaries, joint ventures, branches, branch offices and acquisition of a trade license.
Our business also covers laws, properties, visa and recruitment of local people, which is difficult to deal with for new entrants.

販路開拓 Market development


We will support new market development into the Middle East Gulf region.
Our business is for companies that are interested in exporting their products. Our know-how and connection with the region would be your big help.

市場調査 Market Research


New entry into the Middle East Gulf region, expand your current business and overseas marketing, we are for you.

コンサル Consulting

AI Creation is the bridge between the Middle East Gulf countries and Japan.