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[2017/09/20] 日本石油財団(JCCP)で中東国営石油会社のマネージャー候補の女性向け研修(9月18日)

At the invitation of the Japan Cooperation Center Petroleum (JCCP), Ai Taniguchi held “Challenge and Motivation Training” on September 18, 2017 for women who are candidates for managers of the Middle East state oil company.






  • ディスカッションに終始した研修
    Discussions have done throughout the training

  • サイン攻め
    Trainee asked to have sign on Ai's book

  • 本日受講していただいた、中東国営石油会社のマネージャー候補の女性方
    Ladies who are manager candidate for the Middle East state-owned oil company that attended today